Welcome to the Region F Leadership Training Program (LTP) page. I am Garry Howland, the Region F Trainer, and my role is to assist the Regional and District Directors in implementing training in their organizations. The Region’s LTP staff is here to provide FREE training in the Officer Certification Program (OCP), the University Trainer Development Program (UTDP), the Horizon Program, Leadership Skills Training and programs covering Membership Orientation, Life Skills, and Chapter Life for our members. These programs are of interest to perspective Officers or interested members who want to get a little more involved in GWRRA and to those that simply want to improve their personal leadership skills. Please look through the LTP Curriculum to see what seminars are of interest to you!

If you are interested in any seminar or program, or simply want more information, do not hesitate to contact me!

Cell phone: (303) 324-7769; e-mail:

Please visit our calendar for a schedule of OCP or other LTP events.

Some of the LTP Curriculum is listed below:


Member Orientation Program

·         History of GWRRA

·         Structure of GWRRA

·         Helpful Info for New Members

·         Member Benefits Overview

·         Training the Members

·         Horizon Program Overview

·         How to Participate in GWRRA

·         How to Have Fun at a Rally


Life Skills Program

·         Time Management

·         Stress Management

·         Managing Change

·         Listening & Communicating

·         Remembering Names

·         Public Speaking Basics

·         Self Esteem, Key to Success 

Chapter Life Program

·         Chapter Structure & Organization

·         What is a CD?

·         What is the Rider Ed. Program?

·         Flyers for Fun & Profit

·         Planning a Chapter Event

·         How to Show or Judge a Bike

The seminars in these programs are offered ala-cart or in all day program sessions, and each seminar is approximately 50 minutes. There are Program Personal Training cards available for you to track the seminars taken in each program. Upon completion of a program, you are provided a hangar bar which can be hung on a LTP pin (Example of "Horizon Program" hanger bar below)

The Officer Certification Program (OCP) is an eight (8) hour program that gives an officer an in-depth look at the functions of the Organization and all of the responsibilities of the positions. If focuses on the administrative activities of the officers on the core team, including the financial requirements, policies, procedures, and provides guidance to be successful.


The University Trainer Development Program (UTDP) is an eight (8) hour course that is the starting point for any Member who is interested in becoming a University Trainer in the Leadership Training Program, the Membership Enhancement Program or in the Rider education Program, with the exception of Rider Courses, MEDIC First Aid, and Parking Lot Practice.

The Horizon Program is one of the best offerings GWRRA provides. It is extremely useful to Officers and Staff, and is also of great value to anyone who will ever hold a position of leadership, whether at work, or in social groups, volunteer organizations, etc. Everyone is a leader in some aspect of their life; therefore, we recommend that all GWRRA members take advantage of this wonderful program. Within the listed modules, the topics include GWRRA Organization and Philosophies; Officer Expectations, Realities and Responsibilities; Individual Personal Profiles; Communication Skills and Techniques; Planning, Organizing and Conducting Effective Chapter Meetings, Gatherings and Events and The Officer/Spouse Relationship & Partnership. The “Hands-On Application” involves breakout sessions where the skills learned are reinforced through application of the skills in a supportive environment. Unlike all of the other Programs, the Horizon Program is presented all at once over a day and a half, typically on Saturday and half a day Sunday. Upon completion of the program, and in addition to special bonds created with classmates, you will receive a LTP Pin and Hanger Bar like the one below.