Membership Enhancement Program



We are Bill Weiss and Lisa Capano, the Member Enhancement Coordinators, for Region “F”un.  Bill and I are from Chapter E, in Arvada Colorado. Bill has been in GW since 2001, and I have been in since 2005, and together we have held many officer positions in our Chapter.  Bill has a 1993 1500 and a 1999 Valkyrie, and I just try to look pretty riding on the back and having fun!  We are looking forward to this exciting position and have many new ideas on how to promote Fun within our Region.

Our responsibilities lie in the "Fun" factor in Region F, which means getting all Chapters in Region F involved with having fun, both within their own Chapters and with Multi-Chapter Events. The idea that GW is a big family is part of having Fun with our members, old and new. Making sure everyone is enjoying the gatherings, the rides, the activities, and District Conventions, the Region Convention, and Wing Ding is what all of us should be doing and encouraging. It is not just a job description for a MEC, but it is something that all GW members should uphold and practice. The idea of holding Multi-Chapter events is a good one which enables all members to mingle and see each other, especially if there are few chances of getting together on a regular basis during the year. Attending Chapter Fundraisers in your District is another way of supporting each Chapter and having fun.

Thank you for your continuing support to GWRRA and Region “F”un. This is a wonderful organization that offers Fun, Safety, and Knowledge in many ways and forms.  Being a part of a local Chapter is a great way to become part of a Family Atmosphere.  Long- life friendships can be made, new ones as well,  travels and vacations many things to do and see with your GWRRA Family!  We look forward to your continued membership.

Thanks again and have FUN!

Bill Weiss and Lisa Capano
(720) 938-3825

There is a wealth of Fun ideas on the International Site.  Please click here for more info.