Member Appreciation Recipients 2013

Member Appreciation Recipients 2013

JR Alkire-presented from the Region TEAM for support

Region Director

Steve and Alma Sprenkle for enthusiasm

CA1F Membership Enhancement

Dave and Lisa Bachman for leadership

NM-W Chapter Directors

Bob and Gail Johnson for FUN!!

AZ Membership Enhancement

Dave and Gwen Carter for guidance

Deputy Directors

Cindy Kelly for membership contacts

AZ District and AZ-R

Dennis and Marie Price-for dedication

NV-H Chapter Directors

NV-H from Marianne and Chuck Noonan for help rendered to their brother


Don Cruzman and Cathy Luce-for leadership

CO-I Chapter Directors

Fred and Linda Fisher for leadership

CO-L Chapter Directors

Abel Gallardo for attention to the members

GWRRA President

Ray and Sandi Garris for wisdom and FUN

Region Trainers

Jere and Linda Goodman for leadership

GWRRA Directors

Harry and Amy Jenkins for education

NM District Trainers

Phil and Linda Young for FUN


John and Barb Pons for leadership

CO Assistant District Directors

Randall and Janet Drake for devotion

CO District Directors

Gay and David Redline for creativity

Region Store and CO-E Directors

Jerry and Becky Stillwagon for education

NM Educators

Russell “CB” Hall for participation & leadership

Region Bike & Light Show

Teresa Morrison for support!

NM Director and super supporter

Tom Evans for can do attitude

Region Website-incredible!

Tom Lorenz for excellence!

Region Newsletter- fantastic!

Marti and Joel Winkler for continued dedication!

Region MFA-awesome support