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July 26-28, 2013 Utah
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Aug. 15-17, 2013 Colorado
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Oct. 25-27, 2013 Arizona
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Region "F"un Directors
Anita and JR Alkire Anita and
JR Alkire

Happy New Year Wingers!!!  Hope the holidays were fabulous and you received all the safety chrome and bling that you had hoped for!  We had a very family Christmas at Mom and Dad's. We then spent New Year's Eve with our home Chapter CA1F and started the year right with our Chapter New Year's Day ride that has become a tri-chapter ride.  Loads of FUN!!

So with the New Year come new things.  Change is in the wind with Officer changes taking effect in Districts and Chapters.  It's always a bit challenging to a Chapter when a new Chapter Director (CD) steps up to the lead.  We get excited as to what changes they will bring and then we can unfortunately fall back into the "but we didn't do it that way before" mode.  Let's embrace the change and get behind it and support it, even if it's a bit different and a bit uncomfortable.  Remember the commercial for Life cereal and Mikey? Let's be Mikey, "Try it. You'll like it!"

To set off the New Year we ask all Directors to prepare their goals for the Chapter or District and then share them with their Core TEAM and the TEAM and the appointing Director.  We do this so we can see leadership and direction.  The appointing Officer has the responsibility to mentor and coach their Directors with the understanding that member FUN and riding is our focus.  There is business to be done but all the member needs to experience is the FUN!!  So Directors as you look at your Chapter or District, what is the state of your Chapter/District?  How are you scoring on the FUN meter?  How is your Rider Education program from classes to levels?  How is your outreach program to new members?  How is involvement of your Chapter participants?  Is your Core TEAM supporting each other and the goals?  And who exactly is the Core TEAM? It's your Officers; Director, Educator, Treasurer and Membership Enhancement and their Assistants.  Who is the TEAM? Everyone else, those we often refer to as the staff.  Either term works but TEAM has such a better feel and meaning that it is often received better by those involved.  Remember TEAM is Together Everyone Achieves/accomplishes More.  Does each of the TEAM positions know what is expected of them and have you given them the responsibility to get it done?  Make certain that you do but everyone remember it's a conversation that is continuous so that you do what you are supposed to do but remember to communicate so everyone is always up to speed.  The health of our Chapters depends on our leaders and our leadership and the answers to these questions can put 2013 on the right track for FUN!

What else happens at the beginning of each year in GWRRA?  Our Districts hold their Officer Conferences or Ops Meetings.  This is the opportunity for the District to share its goals for 2013; challenge the Chapters to have FUN together; share what is new from GWRRA Region and International; and provide guidance toward Officer health and leadership so we learn and grow to be the best leaders for our membership.  It's a critical meeting for Core TEAM Officer's to attend (ok in the business world we'd say mandatory but since we're volunteers we emphasize the critical importance of the meeting).  Then it's important for them to share the information back with their Chapter.  The meeting should be FUN, informative and with time for socialization with our fellow Officers.

So as a member what do you do at the beginning of the year?  We want you to communicate with us as leaders and share with us what you'd like to have happen to make your experience with your GWRRA Chapter/District/Region the very best it can be.  We need to know your thoughts, the rides you'd like to take, the places you'd like to visit or the restaurant that you'd like to eat at.  This communication helps us be better leaders because we can plan our Chapter/District/Region activities.  We always want to focus on FUN and we also need to listen to make certain that we hear the members when they communicate with us.  For that to happen, you have to communicate, talk to us, tell us what you're willing to do because your help is always welcome!!!  Never think that someone else will speak for you, your voice is critical to the health and success of the Chapter/ District/ Region!

So here is to a Prosperous, Safe, Healthy, Riding, Social, and FUN 2013!!!  Together all of us can make this the best year ever, so let's make it happen together!



Region "F"un Convention 2013 Update

Don't miss out!  Holiday registration sale ends January 15th, 2013!
Get your $5/person savings on the registration fee if you act now!!

We have secured 3 hotels this year:

Fairfield Inn by Marriott
Across the street from Dixie Convention Center
1660 South Convention Center Drive
St. George, UT 84790
Ask for the Gold Wing convention reservation
$93.00/night + tax
Pet friendly
Free Breakfast

Hilton Gardens Inn
Next to Dixie Convention Center
1731 South Convention Center Drive
Saint George, Utah, USA 84790
$89/night for room + tax
Ask for Gold Wing rate
Not pet friendly/service animals only
GWRRA Breakfast price is $4.95/person

Best Western Plus Abbey Inn
Across the street from Dairy Queen,
about 1.5 miles from Dixie Convention Center
1129 South Bluff Street
St. George, UT 84770
435-652-1234 or 888-222-3946
$87/night for room + tax
Ask for Gold Wing rate
Not pet friendly/service animals only
Free Breakfast

For the Campers in our Group:
McArthur's Temple View RV Resort
975 South Main Street
St. George UT, 84770
Group name:  Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Site Fee- $35.65 + tax (11.5%)= $39.76 inclusive. 
We will gladly honor the rally rate for any checking in early or staying late.


Region Educators
Dave and Dee Gormley
Dave and Dee Gormley

Happy New Year 2013

This year, at our Region. F convention, we will renew Best Dressed Couple and Chapter. In January 2013, the District Directors will receive, by email, instructions with the latest rules for competition and judging. Then, the Directors can inform the Chapters about these events. It will be fun. The chapters can start preparing now.

We are all proud of how we look and we do look good.

Thanks, and Hugs.
Dee Gormley


Membership Enhancement Coordinators
Lisa Capino
Bill Weiss

Lisa and I hope everyone had a joyful holiday season and are looking forward to this New Year.

Hopefully, some of you may have been lucky enough to have received a new Gold Wing or other brand of motorcycle from Santa this year.  If you know such a lucky person, take the time to give them a follow up gift of a GWRRA application or membership.

With a new year comes new opportunities for you to participate in GWRRA.  Many Chapters are transferring their leadership to new Chapter Directors this time of year.  If your Chapter is one of those, I can think of no better way to welcome your new Directors than by asking them "What can I/we do to help?"  Getting involved in your chapter can open  many opportunities for you to meet new friends, and learn more about your Chapter, District or Region. 

Remember, Membership Enhancement is more than just getting new members or keeping old members.  It is about getting involved, learning, and most importantly,  having FUN.  When you grow as a member, GWRRA also grows from your participation.

To learn about the many ways you can get involved in your chapter, just talk to your Directors, Membership Enhancement team, Rider Educators, or Leadership Training Coordinators.  They will be more than happy to help you find the opportunity that is right for you.

Lisa Capano and Bill Weiss.
Membership Enhancement Coordinators


COY / IOY Coordinators
JoAnn and Jim MacLean

Hi there everyone,

Jim and I hope that Santa was good to everyone and that you had a Merry Christmas. We also hope that you are looking ahead to a wonderful New Year. Our wish for you in the New Year is good health, great family times, and a lot of safe motorcycle riding.

As we wrote in last month's newsletter article, starting with January 2013 and going through May 2013, we will be introducing you to one of the participants in the Couple/Individual of the Year selection process which will take place in May at the Region F Convention in St George Utah. We are excited about the upcoming Convention and the Couple/Individual of the Year selection process. We thought it was important that you get to know the participants that will be proud to represent  Region F.

This month we are pleased to introduce to you Mike Rand, who is the California District's Individual of the Year.

Mike Rand

California District IOY 2012
Mike Rand

            Born and raised in a small town in Maine, I started riding at age 12. Immediately I knew I had found my addiction.  In 1975 I graduated High School and joined the Air Force. 37 years later, I still work for them, now as a civilian.  After graduating my specialty school, I flew home to Maine, bought a brand new Suzuki Enduro, and rode it to my first base. 3300 miles later, I arrived in Phoenix (Luke AFB) and discovered I had a second addiction; long motorcycle road trips. I had to wait many years for the next one but I take them as often as I can now.

            In 2010, I had had enough of riding loud motorcycles and bought my first Wing; a 2001 GL1800. I joined the GWRRA and found a Family. I was hooked to the group the first meeting. Within a month I went on my first CA1V ride. I loved the way they emphasized safety and the way they communicated during the ride on the CB.  Before long I was a Road Captain and the Store Manager. Then I took over the Newsletter responsibilities. I took almost every form of training I could so that I could give back to this fine family I'd became a member of.  I've already completed the Officers Training Program. I don't have any plans to become an Officer at this time because I miss a lot of gatherings and meetings due to my unusual work schedule, but who knows what the future might bring.

            I do ride with other groups, a local retirees group of riders, and more of the CA1V group joins them for midweek rides now. I also am an Amateur Radio Operator, I have a VHF/UHF Radio installed on the Wing and use it often as part of the Motorcycle Amateur Radio Club (M.A.R.C.) We often get together like the chapters of GWRRA. As a group, we provide safety and emergency communications for several charity events, mostly very large bicycling events. 

In addition to this, I am a volunteer Emergency Communications Operator for San Bernardino County Fire Department as a backup to normal communications within the organization. We get called out to assist in public service events and during emergencies to provide additional support to over-extended services.

In 2006 I became engaged to Maggie. She's brought huge delight into my life and although she's not addicted to riding like I am, she often adorns the back seat. She's not into "LONG" rides. Her idea of a nice ride is a day ride, preferably well under 300 miles. But, she very good about letting me off my leash to ride to Spokane or do an Iron butt style ride. She usually accompanies me to GWRRA events and helps out the group when she can.

Thank you, CA1V, for honoring me with the Chapter IOY, and thank you CA District for that honor as well.  I hope I live up to your expectations and friendships.

Mike Rand
CA1V IOY 2012
Victorville, CA


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Mission and Vision Statements

GWRRA Mission Statement

Established in 1977, the Gold Wing Road Riders Association provides an atmosphere for fun, safety, and knowledge to Gold Wing and Valkyrie motorcycle owners.

GWRRA Vision Statement:

GWRRA - is a leader of associational organizations, respected by its Member as well as its competitors and the communities it operates within.

GWRRA - strives to offer the highest quality service to its Members.

GWRRA - is a family oriented association of Honda Gold Wing and Valkyrie owners as well as non-Gold Wing owners, our Associate Members.


Hope you got lots of safety chrome!
Best wishes for the new year!